Is there any mistake in your election card? So the mobile can be improved in this way

Everyone should use their views and contribute to the formation of government. There is a need for an election card for this. There should also be a name in the water list.

You can easily apply online for the electoral card, by knowing the application status, you can also check whether your name is in the voter list. But sometimes the card becomes a mistake after some spelling mistakes. Sometimes the home address is printed incorrectly, sometimes the spelling of the name is printed incorrectly. If this has happened to you, you can easily apply online to improve the spelling of your selected election card. To get this done, go to this .

1. Go to the National Voter Services Portal website. Then click on the correction of entries in electoral roll. Select your language in the drop-down menu and fill in the necessary information such as state and assembly area or Lok Sabha area.

2 – Now go to Tick the entry which is to be corrected. Now click on the cell that you want to fix. You can also click on more options at once.

3 – As you click on this option, the field will change from gray to white and you will be able to fill and upload the required number. Now fill the remaining poses and do not forget to place your personal information such as a mobile number and e-mail ID.

4 – Just click on the Submit button in the top of this completed page.

5 – Now you will get an email with the application’s table. You can use this tablet to track your election card application status.

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