How to find music and songs in YouTube videos

The trailer for the movie you’ve been dying to watch, the latest video from your favorite artist or, more importantly, the endless barrage of cat videos. There’s something on YouTube for everyone, all you need to do is take your time to find the video that you’re looking for.

But one of the biggest appeals of YouTube is finding videos you did not think you will ever need or want to watch. One of the things that often happen, is that you find a beat you cannot stop tapping your legs to or maybe a tune that you had forgotten about, the kind whose name you cannot recall either. If you have ever come across a situation like this and would like to learn the name of the song that is assigned to you, you can find out exactly what you’re listening to by following the step-by-step instructions given below:

Take a look at what’s given in the video’s description

Music that has been used in a video is usually credited in the description. Be it a huge company, or the latest YouTuber that you have become obsessed with, they have to mention the credits related to the songs that are being played in the video or face the wrath of YouTube who will promptly take the video down.

Google the lyrics

Finding the song becomes much easier if you can hear the lyrics of the song that is being played. You can type in the lyrics of the song in the Google search box to find the song.
If that doesn’t work out, you can search for the same thing on Find Music By Lyrics. Although this feature is powered by Google as well, you get better results as Google’s settings will have been tweaked a little bit.

The Comments

There are often people who are looking for the same thing you are. Going through the comments is all you need to do in order to find the name of the song that you’re looking for. Since the number of comments on a video is often a little high, searching for it by using the Ctrl + F or the Command + F (for Macs) will also get you what you want.
The Comments Search for YouTube extension on Google Chrome will add a search option at the top of the comments, you can use keywords like song or music to find the comment thread you need. If the question hasn’t been asked, you can ask for it yourself.

Music Identification App

Although Soundhound and Shazam can get the job done, you can use extensions that specialize in identifying songs that are used in YouTube videos to do the job.

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