How to download Facebook videos

Facebook and what it represents has changed quite a bit since it’s inception. The target and reach of the app have grown much as well. A quick scroll of the timeline will allow you to come across a countless number of updates, pictures and videos related to not just the people that you are friends with but also every page you have subscribed to and all the groups that you are a member of.

While it is true that everything that pops up on your timeline isn’t what you need, an interesting video will pop up which you might wish to save offline or share with someone who might not be on Facebook. Doing this is, unfortunately, not a straightforward task. While Facebook provides you with the means of downloading pictures directly, you will need to put in a little work in order to download the videos that are posted on Facebook.[Adsense-A]

While there are countless options available across the multiple platforms that Facebook is available on, to do this, we will be focusing on downloading videos on a desktop by making use of an extension called “Facebook Video Downloader” that is available on Chrome. Following the steps that have been listed below will allow you to learn more about what you need to do in order to download videos on Facebook.
Note: In order to use this method, you will need a desktop which has a stable internet connection and also have Chrome installed on it.
1) Open your Google Chrome and then go to the app store.
2) You will need to search for “Facebook Video Downloader” and then choose the “Add” button to add the extension to your chrome.
3) You will then get a prompt on the screen which will ask you to confirm the installation, you will need to click “Add.” [Adsense-A]
4) After you have installed the extension, you can observe a Facebook icon on the top right corner of your browser screen.
5) You will now need to log in to your Facebook account and track down the video that you want to download.
6) Play the video and click on the Facebook icon on your browser while it is playing.
7) In the small window that opens up, you will need to select the quality of the video that you are downloading. Either SD or HD and you will also need to select the location on your PC that you want to save your video in.[Adsense-C]
8) The video that you want will now be saved on your desktop and you will now be able to watch it anytime that you want even without an internet connection.
All videos on Facebook will not be available for download, the choice of having the video for download or not is the choice of the owner of the video. The videos that are available for download will have a globe icon on the page on which it is posted and a lock icon if it is not.

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